Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shinya technology demo

Things are going pretty well in Shinya-land recently. For the first time it has materialized in the tangible form for people other than me. And got its own webpage as well:
You can find the technology demo at the download section in Shinya homepage.

Sara and wolf. Sorry - I don't have red riding hood model for her...

Some notes:
  • It is currently only for Windows. When I'll find time and there is interest, I'll probably try to release Linux version as well.
  • It is compiled in Windows 7 with VS2010 express - I hope that all dll-s are included.
  • It is alpha quality code - do not be surprised if it crashes or does not work at all.
  • It uses OpenGL - id it does not work, you may try upgrading graphic card drivers from NVidia or ATI.
  • Very little of the actual game-land is present yet. Or more precisely - the land is present, but mostly empty.
  • Movement and collision system is not fully finished yet.
  • Vladimir is liar - the town is called Spielburg, not Midgard.
  • You cannot initiate talk with wolf.

Have fun!
Lauris Kaplinski