Monday, December 13, 2010

Sexy Beach Zero

SBZ is the latest hentai game from Illusion (look at ontopic Hongfire forum if you want to know more and do not mind erotic content). Like other Sexy Beach games, it's gameplay is quite unfun - woo girls, talk, date, and massage them, change swimwear and have sex - but it has upgraded rendering engine (although not very good) and, most importantly, semi-realistic (but still pretty) models. So I have spent the last days in trying to get Khayyam to read, render and pose those as well as possible.

To make character customization possible, models are composed of three separate parts - body, head and hair. Also - because the game allows you to "tan" girls - neither body nor head texture is embedded in mesh, but instead has to be loaded separately. Same with swimwear textures. Body also has extra "envelope" layer, that is used to guide hand and oil during oiling/massage scenes.

The skeleton has become even more complex, compared to previous models. One reason for this seems to be, that ingame body customization is now done with adjusting hidden bones.

Full skeleton of a SBZ model
The item and clothing collection is very uninteresting, like one can expect from Sexy Beach series. Maps are of better quality than in previous games, but there are only few of them.
Ai in jungle (rendered with POV-Ray)
And a render for you. It has too much focal blur, but I am too lazy at moment to make better one ;) The girl is Ai, who first appeared in Real Girlfriend, background is daytime jungle map from SBZ. Lighting consists of one area light (daylight) plus 2 greenish spotlights to illuminate shadows.


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