Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snapshot release 20110402

A new snapshot release 20110310 is available from SourceForge page as source tarball and precompiled Win32 binary.

The most important new feature is refactored biped pose/animation converter:
  • Both animations (from BVH files) and static poses (from other objects) can be converted
  • Animations can be saved to sequences (and exported to BVH again)
  • Almost all body parts of biped are adjusted (body, limbs, head, fingers)
  • IK solver parameters can be adjusted
  • Bone definitions can be set by user (and saved for future use)
Some problems remain - collar bones do not move, you cannot set T-pose and so on.
The better the constraint system of the destination figure, the better pose matching will be. At minimum you should set knee and elbow constraints to avoid wrong bendings.

A demonstration video of making Sara-chan to run. Red armature is the original BVH animation file, blue is the Sara skeleton. It is not ideal, because the BVH does not have finger poses.

Have fun!

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