Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Models and textures

I have been busy with modeling and texturing for Shinya - and rewriting parts of Khayyam/Sehle to support certain must-be features like vegetation instancing and geometry LODs. Some (semi)finished things are available for download - more will come. Although certain parts will probably remain secret fro now...


Sara the tween girl (Blender render)

Textured and rigged, about 6000 polygons. Blender source file and some exported formats can be downloaded from TurboSquid.

Oak tree (Blender render)
Oak tree with 3 LOD levels.
  • LOD0: 4407 vertices, 2791 faces
  • LOD1: 645 vertices, 442 faces
  • LOD2: 21 vertices, 7 faces
  • Collision (only trunk): 24 vertices, 16 faces
Blender source file can be downloaded from OpenGameArt.

Unfinished medieval house. About 10000 polygons, needs some agressive LODing.

Cathedral interior (Blender render)
Unfinished cathedral. About 55000 polygons - half of those are window frames. Needs also some agressive LODing to be usable in game.


Seamless ground texture - dead leaves

Small collection of plant and ground textures is available from my DeviantArt page.

Cut-out plants

A collection of cut-out plants at OpenGameArt.

Have fun!


  1. I've used Sara before for testing out character animations in Unity! I found her from TurboSquid. Fine models like this are not that easy to find. Thank you for sharing. Also it was a surprise to find out you're the author.

  2. Glad you liked it :) ... what remembers me that I have updated version of her in my computer and should put it up in TurboSquid too.

  3. Good textures!
    I was wondering if I could use those textures for map for game Xonotic which is GPL. I've sent you an email with details. Thanks in advance for your response.