Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shinya techdemo for Linux

I took some time and managed to get Shinya techdemo to compile under Linux (more precisely 64 bit Ubuntu 11.10). It was surprisingly painless - seems that years of cross developing Sodipodi and Khayyam for Linux and Windows have payed off.

The demo can be downloaded from Shinya homepage.

City house at night

It requires SpiderMonkey, SDL and SDL_mixer libraries.
There is only 64 bit version currently. I have no 32 bit Linux computer and I do not trust cross-compiling...

The two biggest problems were NVidia drivers and fonts. There is some weird bug either in Shinya or NVidia drivers that causes Z value of directional light volume to go crazy. It happens only on some cards, and on certain NVidia cards only in release mode - whatever it means. The same bug appeared under Linux build too - as a temporary solution the light volume is clipped a bit closer than far plane. Thus some faraway mountains appear darker than they should.
Fonts are rendered using libnrtype frontend to Fontconfig and FreeType2. Unfortunately I am not sure, which fonts with eastern-asian glyphs I can expect to be installed, so sometimes texts may not be very good. One possibility is to include some free font with Shinya.

Also, for your viewing pleasure here is wolf walking animation rendered in Blender. It is still a bit stiff, but looks pretty good at Shinya resolution:

Have fun!

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