Friday, October 8, 2010

Khayyam architecture

Khayyam is a collection of handful libraries plus shell application written in Gtk+ toolkit. Most components come from Sourceforge Floyd project, but core components are borrowed from Sodipodi. The most basic building blocks are

1. libarikkei (Sodipodi)
This is a collection of utility libraries for file handling, unicode parsing, text file tokenizing and similar things. It has both C and C++ versions of some most basic functions and is implemented as small, self-contained library that can be directly included into project.

2. elea (Floyd)
This is (yet another) 3D geometry library written in C++. It is meant to be small, so only the subset of functions used in Khayyam (and some other) are implemented. Again, it is self-contained and can be directly included into project.

3. libnr (Sodipodi)
This is small, self-contained, anti-aliased 2D rendering library.

4. libnrtype (Sodipodi)
Compact text rendering library on top of libnr

5. sehle (Floyd)
3D engine for OpenGL 2, using libelea for algebra. It is meant to be mostly bare-bones layer, implementing only the most basic stuff, like vertex buffers, textures, display list and so on. It should be quite flexible regards to rendering pipeline.

6. thera (Floyd)
Small and compact DOM-like library for XML parsing. It implements basic parser and writer on top of libxml, node tree, basic mutation callbacks and transaction system for rollback (undo and redo).

7. miletos (Floyd)
Fat scene graph library on top of thera, sehle and elea. Implements all more complex things like various file format parsers, skeletal animations and so on. It borrows the basic design concept from Sodipodi (although is implemented in C++ instead of C) - it is written as typed object tree, parallel to the purely untyped tree of thera. Most editing can be done either directly for temporary editing, or by customizing thera nodes or attributes for permanend modifications.

8. khayyam (Floyd)
This is the application itself.

This is only the most basic overview. Next time I hope to write some more details.

Obligatory screenshot (Des Blood 4 models, Digital Girl background, rendered with POV-Ray)


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