Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snapshot release 20110130

I have made a snapshot release of the latest development tree as of 2011/01/30. This time there are both source tarball and precompiled Win32 binaries.
It can be found from SourceForge project page, or use direct download links:

What is new (compared to 4th of January release)?
  • OBJ and 3DS importers (static objects)
  • OBJ exporter
  • Fixed Collada importer/exporter (works with Blender 2.5)
  • Preliminary IK solver for skeleton posing
  • Bone constraints for IK solver
  • Object library with thumbnails to save useful models

Basically the available list of models increased dramatically. There are literally hundreds of different sources of free or cheap 3D models in OBJ and 3DS formats.

Bonus model

As a extra bonus, Sara tween girl Collada model is included in release (in both versions).
Sara tween girl, Blender model

The Blender source file can be downloaded from TurboSquid.


I have previously written two mini tutorials, both available from this site. In case you missed these, they can be found at:

Have fun!
Lauris Kaplinski

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