Monday, February 7, 2011

Sara and Cyberdemon (and lighting)

I have been ill (sick if you are American) for the last week, so there was very little interesting things happening with Khayyam. But at last I am feeling better now, so hopefully more will come.

I took few evenings some weeks ago and fixed diffuse and specular lighting (and tangent map calculation). As as result, there is again a reason to read normal- and specular map textures for objects.

Sara does not surrender easily (of course AK-47 itself is also legendary)

At least Doom creatures will look much better this way. Unfortunately Illusion games do not use normal maps, so there are no visible enhancements - unless you want to emulate the in-game plastic oily look.

But - it is possible to replace textures on Illusion (and other formats too) models with materialDNS node (look at tutorial for how exactly) - and this material node supports both normal and specular maps. So if someone wants to experiment, surface effects can be done with some effort.

There are still some big things to do for lighting - like cascading shadow maps, shadows for point and parallel lights and so on. Although immediately I want to play with skin shader instead...


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