Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snapshot release 20110310

A new snapshot release 20110310 is available from SourceForge page as source tarball and precompiled Win32 binary.
  • Fixed PNG export gamma so Pov-Ray rendered images have similar tone to screen
  • Directional lights now cast shadows
  • Fixed Poser cr2 joint order and pose loading
  • Support for Yuusha models
  • BVH export allows one to manually specify root bone
Also Sara-chan (included as demo model) got a little update - better face topology, cuter and more realistic mouth and thicker hair.

Sara Tween Girl version 1.1 (Blender render)
Included model has IK chains and constraints, so it can be used as a reference, how to set up these for other figures. Until I'll get time to write tutorial about it.

A new face topology of Sara-chan in Blender

Have fun!

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