Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A little nostalgia

Digging through my drawers I found some old pieces of concept art and hijacked these for the benefit of Shinya.

A castle at the end of the world

I do not even remember the time when I created this (it has few more views and floorplan as well). The castle was an illustration to a story which I now only remember vaguely. It is situated on desolated seashore, ruled by dark and violent knights and hides short but bloody history.

The castle of Irene
This one was created for a unfinished visual novel "The Song of Mountains and Water". It was planned along the lines of Japanese dating sims with plentitude of charactes and complex relationship.
 "The Song of Mountains and Water" never took off, but it lent the geography and many characters to Shinya story. Among others Sara - the protagonist of Shinya - comes from "The Song", although she had a secondary role there.
The castle ruins were intended to be situated in southern mountains - where you can see the castle gates in techdemo.

A mill
This again is from "The Song of Mountains and Water". It was planned to be at the same place where there is now a mill in Shinya techdemo.