Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prototype gameplay video

I recorded a short video of prototype/techdemo gameplay.

It is just Sara running in town and talking with two NPC-s. As you can see, the town is composed mostly of placeholder boxes.
In cathedral you can see Annette, who is not present in techdemo. Also the sight IK is working - thus people are actually looking at the face of Sara while talking.

Also I am currently working on new semi-realistic texture for Sara.

New face texture
I do not plan to make shinya strictly photorealistic, although most textures will be based on photos. Everything will be a bit simplified and more colorful. The correct balance needs some tweaking, but the techdemo hopefully shows a little bit of final visual feeling.


  1. I think you should add semitrasparency to the hairs, but the texture is better anyway :)

  2. Ping from markantony.

    How is it with your projects?

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