Thursday, February 10, 2011

DAZ Victoria 4

Have been trying to get DAZ 3D base model Victoria 4 to load and render in Khayyam. Things are slowly getting better, although it is not in very usable state yet.

In-engine screenshot of Victoria 4 with Jamie hair

  • Body is loaded normally and most joints behave well
  • Morphs do not work yet 
  • Hair can be loaded only as static object (no morphing, not attached to skeleton)
  • Textures can be applied (only diffuse, specular and transparency)
With some patience it can be made looking pretty good. Like most Poser models, the textures are either missing from base model, or so ugly they are pretty useless. So one has to apply textures one-by-one, using material overrides.

POV-Ray rendering of Victoria 4 with Jamie hair

Getting Poser stuff to work is pretty high-priority now. Especially because Illusion does not seem to be planning to release anything noteworthy for some time. Meanwhile at places like Renderosity there is almost infinite amount of very high quality content available - although most of it is a bit too realistic for my taste.

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