Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New snapshot release 20110222

A new snapshot release 20110214 is available from Sourceforge page as both source tarball and precompiled Win32 binary.
  • Fixed Poser deformation spheres so there are no "vertices going wild" anymore
  • Materials can be imported as full sets from PZ2 files
  • Poses can be applied to skeleton prom PZ2 files
  • Transparency channel is applied automatically to Poser materials
  • A new code for figure welding. As a result Chibibel is not broken anymore, but most body morphs do not work properly
And an obligatory screenshot - this time Chibibel was exercising in morning forest - but she is a bit worried by all you voyeurs.

Chibibel in forest demonstrating imported Pz2 pose

Many things are still missing, but overall the program is taking shape nicely. So give it a try, if you have some unused models lying around and let me know about your mileage.

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