Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Girl and full body morphs

Have spent last days by writing code for morph injection. While Khayyam has supported both standalone and ERC morphs for some time, they had until now to be specified in the main cr2 file.

ERC stands for "Enhanced Remote Control" and it is a feature of Poser/DAZ Studio to chain morphs (actually arbitrary channels) together, so changing the value of master dial propagates to different body parts by changing their channel values. Thus, for example, applying FBM (Full Body Morph) of The Girl, the master dial applies corresponding morph to head and at the same time moves eyes to slightly up and wider. Plus many-many things to other body parts.

The ERC feature is used extensively in DAZ version 4 figures (Victoria, Michael, Aiko, The Girl). Actually Aiko and The Girl do not have separate bodies at all anymore, but are defined as FBMs of Victoria. Most recent clothes have conforming morphs as well, but unlike the morphs of base figures they may be needed to be loaded manually from separate file. Thus the urgent need for Khayyam for applying extra morph files to objects (by poser slang it is called injection).

The result can be seen at the following screenshot:

The Girl at the beach

Here you can see The Girl (Victoria 4 morph, so the body is actually the same as on previous Victoria pictures). Material is the original DAZ Studio "The Girl" texture set. Swimwear is Bucketload Sunny Bikini set, morphed to The Girl body. Background is beach scene from Sexy Beach 3.

Not everything works yet - for example The Girl FBM changes the sizes of some body parts like palms, and scaling is not implemented properly in Khayyam. To get the correct scaled hands, skeleton has to be modified (to move fingers along with scaled palm). Plus SmoothScale channel is not used, so the scaling boundaries are sharp.

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