Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine day release

A new snapshot release 20110214 is available from Sourceforge page as both source tarball and precompiled Win32 binary.
This time it is mostly about Poser/DAZ 3D file format support.
  • Most joint properties work (there are slight inconsistencies with deformer spheres still)
  • Body morphs kinda work, but the results may vary depending on model and morph 
  • Hair can be imported as poseable item (attached to head actor)
  • Textures can include separate transparency maps
  • Clothes can be attached as skins so they follow poses 
 Not everything is easily available from GUI yet, so property editor is must-be tool.

DAZ Victoria 4 posed in Khayyam and rendered with POV-Ray
I have tested it mostly with Victoria 4 and Chibibel, so there can still be inconsistencies with other models. Victorial is the DAZ 3D base female model and freely available at moment. Chibibel used to be free also, but the promotion is over now.
Other than Poser file formats (cr2, pp2 and hr2), there are improvements in Collada file exporter, OBJ importer skeleton editor. Plus small bugfixes here and there.

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